Scrapinghub API Reference

Unified Schema

The Unified Schema project aims to provide a standard definition for the different types of data such as products, articles, reviews, jobs etc. extracted across websites.


All fields in the AutoExtract have the exact same definition in the Unified Schema. We also aim to maintain backward compatibility while adding new fields. We also try our best to adhere to, only diverging when there is a reasonable benefit in doing so.

Product Schema

The following fields are available for products:

Field Format Description
  • Type: Dictionary
  • Fields:
    1. ratingValue Number
    2. bestRating Number
    3. reviewCount Number

The overall rating, based on a collection of reviews or ratings


 'ratingValue': 4.0,
 'bestRating': 5.0,
 'reviewCount': 23
  • Type: List
  • Items: Dictionary
  • Fields:
    1. name String
    2. value String Float List Dictionary

This name-value pair field holds information pertaining to product specific features that have no matching property in the Product schema.


[{"name": "batteries",
  "value": "1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)"},
 {"name": "Item model number",
  "value": "SM-A105G/DS"}]
  • Type: String

The brand associated with the product


{"brand": "Samsung"}


No brand is returned

  • Type: List
  • Fields:
    1. name String
    2. link String

A list of breadcrumbs with optional name and URL.

[{"name": ""Cell Phones & Accessories"",
  "link": ""}...]
  • Type: String
A description of the product
  • Type: List
  • Items: Dictionary
  • Fields:
    1. type String
    2. value String

Standardized GTIN product identifier which is unique for a product across different sellers. It includes the following type: isbn10, isbn13, issn, ean13, upc, ismn, gtin8, gtin14. gtin14 corresponds to former names EAN/UCC-14, SCC-14, DUN-14, UPC Case Code, UPC Shipping Container Code.ean13 also includes the jan (japnese article number)

[{'type': 'isbn13', 'value': '9781933624341'}]
  • Type: List
  • Items: String
A list of URL or data URL values of all images of the product (may include the main image).
  • Type: String
A URL or data URL value of the main image of the product.
  • Type: String
The Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) of the product. The product would have the same MPN across different e-commerce websites.
  • Type: String
The name of the product

This field contains rich information pertaining to all the buying options offered on a product. Detailed information regarding all the properties returned in this field is available in the offers section. offers2

 "description":"Used - Very Good"
 "name":"Merch Store",
 "description":"Arrives between September 3-18."
  • Type: List
  • Items: Dictionary
  • Fields:
    1. ratingValue String
    2. ratingCount Number
    3. ratingPercentage Number

This fields provides the detailed distribution of ratings across the entire rating scale


[{"ratingValue": "5", "ratingPercentage": 61},
 {"ratingValue": "4", "ratingPercentage": 12}
 {"ratingValue": "3", "ratingPercentage": 6},
 {"ratingValue": "2", "ratingPercentage": 5}
 {"ratingValue": "1", "ratingPercentage": 16}]

Date on which the product was released or listed on the website in ISO 8601 date format

{"releaseDate": "2016-12-18"}
  • Type: List
  • Items: Dictionary
  • Fields:
    1. relationshipName String
    2. products List

This field captures all products that are recommended by the website while browsing the product of interest. Related products can thus be used to gauge customer buying behaviour, sponsored products as well best sellers in the same category. The relationshipName field describes the relationship while the products field contains a list of items have the same product schema, thus extracting all available fields as defined in this table


  • Type: List
  • Items: Product
This field returns a list of variants of the product. Each variant has the same schema as the Product schema defined in this table.
  • Type: String

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) i.e. a merchant-specific identifier for the product


{"sku": "A123DK9823"}
  • Type: String
The width of the product
  • Type: String
The height of the product
  • Type: String
The depth of the product
  • Type: String
The weight of the product
  • Type: String
The volume of the product
  • Required
  • Type: String
The URL of the product


The offers field contains several fields as explained below that can be leveraged to get deep insights into the various product offerings, associated seller information as well as inventory.


This field gives details about bulk purchase offers available for the product.

Field Format Description
maxValue Number Maximum value allowed.
minValue Number Minimum value required
value Number Exact value required
unitText String Unit of measurement
description String Free text from where this range was extracted

Let’s take the following example to examine the aforementioned fields


{'offers': [
   {'price': '11,98', 'currency': '$'},
   {'price': '10,78', 'currency': '$', 'eligibleQuantity': {'min_value': '48', 'description': 'Buy 44 or more $9.33'}}


The place(s) from which the offer can be obtained (e.g. store locations). It could contain a string, i.e.: online_only

Field Format Description
postalCode String Postal code of the address
streetAddress String The street address. For example, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy.
addressCountry String The country. For example, USA. You can also provide the two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.
addressLocality String The locality in which the street address is, and which is in the region. For example, Mountain View.
addressRegion String The region in which the locality is, and which is in the country. For example, California.


The geographic area where a service or offered item is provided. The fields and the definition is the same as availableAtOrFrom.


Field Format Description
currency String Currency associated to the price
price String Cost of shipping
minDays Number Minimum number of days estimated for the delivery
maxDays Number Maximum number of days estimated for the delivery
averageDays Number Average days for a delivery
description String Any associated text describing the shipping info
originAddress String or postalAddress Location of the warehouse where the item is shipped from


This field provides the seller details including rating.

Field Format Description
name String Name of the seller
url String URL for the seller’s page
identifier String Unique identifier assigned to the seller on the website
aggregateRating Dictionary The sellers rating. Same as aggregateRating in the product schema.


A predefined value and a textual description of the condition of the product included

Field Format Description
type String A predefined value of the condition of the product included in the offer. Takes on one of the following enumerated values ['NewCondition', 'DamagedCondition', 'RefurbishedCondition', 'UsedCondition']
description String A textual description of the condition of the product included in the offer

Article Schema

The following fields are available for articles:

Name Type Description
headline String Article headline or title.
datePublished String Date, ISO-formatted with ‘T’ separator, may contain a timezone.
datePublishedRaw String Same date but before parsing, as it appeared on the site.
author String Author (or authors) of the article.
authorsList List of strings All authors of the article split into separate strings, for example the author value might be "Alice and Bob" and authorList value ["Alice", "Bob"], while for a single author author value might be "Alice Johnes" and authorList value ["Alice Johnes"].
inLanguage String Language of the article, as an ISO 639-1 language code.
breadcrumbs List of dictionaries with name and link optional string fields A list of breadcrumbs (a specific navigation element) with optional name and URL.
mainImage String A URL or data URL value of the main image of the article.
images List of strings A list of URL or data URL values of all images of the article (may include the main image).
description String A short summary of the article, human-provided if available, or auto-generated.
articleBody String Text of the article, including sub-headings and image captions, with newline separators.
articleBodyRaw String html of the article body.
videoUrls List of strings A list of URLs of all videos inside the article body.
audioUrls List of strings A list of URLs of all audios inside the article body.
probability Float Probability that this is a single article page.
url String URL of page where this article was extracted.