Scrapinghub Reference Documentation

Crawlera Basics

Crawlera is a service designed for web scraping to download content from websites. The main interface to use the service is through a standard Proxy API, controlled by special HTTP headers prefixed by X-Crawlera.

Crawlera Plans

Crawlera has 3 plans (Basic, Advanced and Enterprise) with different features available on each plan. Unless explicitly stated, all features described in the documentation should be available in all plans.

You can see which features are available in each plan in the Crawlera product page:

The “C plans” known as C10, C50, C100 and C200 have been discontinued at the beginning of 2020, and replaced by the Basic and Advanced plans.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to sign up for a Crawlera subscription. You can start your free 14-day trial at You will need a credit card to subscribe but you won’t be charged if you cancel in the first 14 days.

Once subscribed to your free trial, you will receive an API key that to use in the examples provided in this documentation.

Continue reading: Crawlera Proxy API.